Installing Loft Stilts

Loft Storage Stilts have been specifically designed to be quick and easy to install so that anyone can create a raised storage platform in their loft – even if you have no DIY experience or skills.

All you will need is an electric screwdriver and some self-tapping screws (around 1¾ inches long).

Just follow these 4 simple steps to create a strong platform that will hover over your insulation the the loft:

Step 1:

Position the Loft Storage Stilts on the joists to ensure they are in the right place for your boards – The the edges and corners of the boards should be supported with the stilts.

Tip – You can use fewer stilts with bigger the boards as there will be fewer edges.

Note – Loft Storage Stilts should never be spaced more than 600mm apart  so remember this when using larger boards.

Step 2:

Using an electric screwdriver, secure the stilt to the joist by screwing one or two 1¾ inch screws into the ‘wing’ section of the stilt.

Tip – If you are having your insulation fitted by a professional installer then stop after step 2.  Once the fitter has laid the extra insulation you can carry on to steps 3 and 4.


Step 3:

Lay the insulation between the Loft Storage Stilts – crossways over the existing joists and insulation.  The circular plates should be poking out the top of the insulation.

Place the boards onto the stilts.

Tip – 2, 3 or 4 boards can be secured to each Loft Stilt.

                                     Step 4:

Using an electric screwdriver,  secure the boards to the stilts by screwing 1¾ inch self-tapping screws through the boards and into the top plate of the stilt.



You now have a strong and secure boarded platform that will hold all your belongings

Note – Structural engineers recommend that you never store more than 50kg per m² in your loft

Click on the picture above to see an instructional video

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Great product - So simple but just what I needed. Well done!! — Joseph, Leicester

What a sensible idea! We are currently facing the problem of insulating a loft that is full of memorabilia.... ;) These stilts seem to be the answer! — Dianne, Birmingham

I'm so happy this product is now available. I have wanted to get my loft properly insulated for years but did not want to lose the storage space or deal with installing new timber joists. Now I can - thanks! — Sarah, High Wycombe

Brilliant idea! I didn't have any storage space in my loft as it was fully insulated but I have just used these stilts and can now use my loft for storage. Thank you!! — Sean, Crawley

Loft Storage Stilts are strong!! They can hold over 500kgs each. In fact, structural engineers recommend that you should never store more than 50kgs per meter square in your loft as the joists could buckle. Take care not to overfill your loft!!
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how to best install Loft Stilts. Using larger boards is the most important way of getting the best value for money and creating a larger area using fewer stilts. There are loads more great tips too so be sure to take a look.
Diall Loft Storage Stilts
Diall Loft Storage Stilts