Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the common questions people have about installing Loft Storage Stilts and storing items in their lofts.
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Where can I buy Loft Storage Stilts?

Only at B&Q.

The B&Q store near me has sold out – where else can I buy them?

We endeavour to keep all B&Q stores fully stocked so most, if not all, stores should have them.  The best way to check is to ask your store if they have any ‘Diall Loft Storage Stilts’ (EAN code – 4074212) in stock as some smaller stores only have then for reserve and collect.

What weight will Loft Storage Stilts hold?

Each stilt can support a weight of over 500kg, which is stronger than the joists in your loft.  Along with structural engineers, we recommend a load of no more than 50kgs is stored on each m² of boarded area in a loft. The safest place to store belongings in a loft is always directly over a wall as this area will be stronger.

How far apart should I place the Loft Stilts?

No more than 600mm apart (to follow building regulations).

Which loft boards can be used with the product?

18mm thick – B&Q loft boards, or any other chipboard or flooring product.  To get the best value for money you should use 600x1200mm or 600x2400mm boarding.

Can I walk on the raised storage platform?

While Loft Storage Stilts should not be used for replacement flooring and heavy foot traffic it is fine to walk on the boarded area to get to and from your stored items.

What will I need to raise the boarded section in my loft?

A box or two of Loft Storage Stilts, some boards, an electric screwdriver and some 1¾ inch self-tapping screws.

I am having my loft insulated by an insulation company – Should I put the stilts in before or after the loft’s been insulated?

It is best thing for you to do is do steps 1 and 2 on the instructions before the fitters install the loft insulation (See the Installing Loft Stilts page).  They will then lay the insulation and the circular plates will poking out the top.  You can then simply put the boards on and screw them into the Loft Stilts in a few places.

Will they fit on the joists in my loft?

Loft Storage Stilts can be secured to any joist between 1½-2 inches(35-55mm).  This covers 98% of lofts in the UK.

The joists in my loft are 425mm apart so do not fit 1200mm boards well – Do the Loft Storage Stilts have to be on the edges of the boards?

No they do not.  It is fine for the boards to overhang the top plate of the stilts but we recommend that they overhang no more than 200mm.  You should also take care not to walk or store heavy objects on the overhanging sections as this will be weak.

I do not want to take the boards up in my loft – Can I secure Loft Storage Stilts to boards?

It is possible to do this but extreme care must be taken.  You must ensure that the stilts are placed over a joist and not just on boarding as boards alone are not strong enough.  If you want to screw Loft Storage Stilts into boarding simply bend the sides of the bottom ‘clip’ up.  You can then screw through the ‘wing’ section of the stilts as you would do if you were attaching them to the joists (See Step 2 on the Installing Loft Stilts page) – making sure that the stilts is still being screwed into or above a joist.

How many Loft Storage Stilts will I need?

This will depend on the size of the storage space you need and the size of the boards used. Using larger boards will require the use of fewer Loft Stilts – they should never be placed more than 600mm apart.

What size boarded area will 12 Loft Storage Stilts create?

This depends mostly on the size of boards used and how far apart the stilts are spaced.  Using large boards and spacing at 600mm intervals will allow you to create an area of 1800x1200mm.

And 24 stilts?


Can I put Loft Storage Stilts over spot-lights?

No.  Spot-lights should never be covered.

How big is the circular platform on top of the stilt?

The top platform of the soft stilt is 150mm wide.  This allows you to place 2 edges or the corners of 4 boards on 1 stilt.

The circular plate is bent on one of the stilts – Can I still use it?

Yes.  Once you put a self-tapping screw through the boards and into the plate it will pull it back into shape.  The screw will secure the board to the loft stilt.  It is the vertical column of the stilt that gives it it’s strength.

How tall is the loft stilt?

Loft Storage Stilts will raise a boarded section in a loft by 8 inches (200mm) above the joists.

There is a gap between the top of the insulation and the boards – is this OK?

Yes.  In fact it is recommended to allow air to flow under the boards as this will prevent condensation build-up on the underside of the boards.

What is the product made of?

Recycled Polypropylene

Can it be used with all types of loft insulation?

Yes – Loft Storage Stilts can be used with loose fibre insulation as well as quilted rolls of insulation.



Important to understand

Using Loft Storage Stilts does not change the load-bearing characteristics of a loft. Structural engineers recommend never storing more than 50kg per m² of boarded area.



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  1. Nev Fidler says:

    This looks really interesting! Can I ask you to expand a little on whether you can walk on the raised platform? I don’t intend to use as a ‘room’ and be constantly walking on boards but there will inevitably be times when I need to access loft area and items stored and I am a little unclear as to just how robust the platform will be for the occasional visit!
    Many thanks…

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I'm so happy this product is now available. I have wanted to get my loft properly insulated for years but did not want to lose the storage space or deal with installing new timber joists. Now I can - thanks! — Sarah, High Wycombe

Great product - So simple but just what I needed. Well done!! — Joseph, Leicester

What a sensible idea! We are currently facing the problem of insulating a loft that is full of memorabilia.... ;) These stilts seem to be the answer! — Dianne, Birmingham

Brilliant idea! I didn't have any storage space in my loft as it was fully insulated but I have just used these stilts and can now use my loft for storage. Thank you!! — Sean, Crawley

Loft Storage Stilts are strong!! They can hold over 500kgs each. In fact, structural engineers recommend that you should never store more than 50kgs per meter square in your loft as the joists could buckle. Take care not to overfill your loft!!
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how to best install Loft Stilts. Using larger boards is the most important way of getting the best value for money and creating a larger area using fewer stilts. There are loads more great tips too so be sure to take a look.
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Diall Loft Storage Stilts